Kendall A. is a teacher, entrepreneur, recent homeschooler, writer/blogger, and podcaster who encourages families to become the best collective versions of themselves in creating familial harmony. Follow her work here.


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“A blossoming flower, sprouted from the fertile soil of love, trial and error, and unfailing optimism. She is evolving into the best version of herself—one that is spiritually awakened, intellectually stimulated, and holistically endowed with inner peace. Her journey yields beauty, not only for herself, but for the children she raises…” ~Kendall A.

I’m Kendall aka Umm Iman—a revert to Islam, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a teacher and learner, an entrepreneur, and someone who is extremely passionate about community building; supporting women, children, and families; and helping each person in her individual journey to becoming her best self!


I have been actively involved in projects, work, and time invested in children and education since 2004. My path has taken me from early childhood education to middle school, to the elementary classroom, and parenthood, all in the hopes of finding new and innovative strategies to teaching and learning with a dedication to alternative parenting and lifestyle choices.

Why am I here?


Because as an educator and mother, I know all too well the struggle of peaceful, intentional, and spiritual parenting in a world that bombards us with so many mixed messages about what parenting is and how children should be.


I’m here to simplify the equation, help parents everywhere love and enjoy parenting, and empower families to feel confident in the decisions that they make for the children they are raising. Through my blog, podcast, services, products, and programs, I wish to inspire, encourage, and invite families into living intentionally and creating meaningful experiences for their families.

When we help others, I truly believe that our Creator helps us. So, I’ve designed my life’s work around doing just that: helping others in any way that I can! Read through the posts here to experience that aspiration in action. Remember: parenting is a journey, so let’s do it with love. Happy parenting!


Peace, love, & blessings,

Kendall A.

Mission & Vision

The purpose of all UmmIman.Org materials, services, and programs is to promote the education, spirituality, and community development of women, children, and families.

UmmIman.Org offers a variety of services, programs, events, and resources that are aimed at increasing beneficial knowledge and building strong, social bonds. The organization is designed for Muslim women, children, and families to engage in excellence and community building through scholarship and recreation. Through the educational component, we emphasize the importance of both religious and secular studies, recognizing that the human is always in a state of learning and application of knowledge. In our community development programming, we wish to create social spaces for women, children, and families to connect with Islam as the focal point. We provide greater outreach to the community by supporting single parents and highlighting the necessity of “the village” in raising children. 

UmmIman.Org seeks to be a pillar in the Muslim communities that it serves, both locally and abroad. We envision an age of goodness through the education of women and children who are confident in their Islamic identities. We offer a safe space for learning, for being, and for developing meaningful relationships that will transcend the realm of dunya.

What I Do


"Umm Iman's Reflections: For the Everyday, Spiritual Mom" is a podcast focusing on peaceful, intentional, and spiritual parenting advice. It starts with conscious parenting and raising the self, before moving into successful strategies for working with our children.


In my blog, I write about topics of interest related to parenting, education, social justice, and raising well-rounded individuals who are grounded in deen, with a sprinkle of other topics of interest in between!

Services, Classes, & Programs

The work done here is a culmination of one-on-one assistance and classes, as well as programs offered through Ummah Educational Cooperative.

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